Getting started tips

Getting started tips – think variety, balance & moderation

Points to remember:

  • If you have bread at breakfast don’t have it again at lunch. If you have bread or potato for lunch, don’t have at again at dinner.
  • One of the snacks must be fruit only. The other can be something that you fancy—in moderation!
  • And watch the carbs! Don’t have crisps if you have already had bread & potato or pasta that day.
  •  You must eat all of the meals, each day, this way you won’t be left feeling hungry. It also means that by taking in small but regular meals, your digestive system has to work hard throughout the day to break the foods down. This will increase your metabolic rate– which means you will burn the calories from the food at a faster rate.
  •  Don’t have fruit or any other snack straight after a main meal. Although this may be a hard habit to break, you have to remember that you are eating more now, but at regular intervals so you shouldn’t feel the need to overeat at main meal times.
  •  You won’t gain weight from eating so often as long as you keep an eye on your portions, watch the fat content of foods and make sure you choose  complex carbohydrates.
  •  Higher fat dairy produce and red meat should be kept to a minimum, 2-3 times per week. Limit higher fat cheese to the same. These items are all high in cholesterol.
  •  Bread is limited to 2 slices per day (that’s 1 medium sized bun OR 2 pita’s OR 2 slices medium sized sliced bread. Remember, pizza base, tortilla’s, garlic bread, crumpets etc. all count towards bread allowance!
  •  Try to be prepared. If you’re going to work, take lunch with you if you can. Carry fruit for your snacks, stay away from vending machines and high fat shop bought sandwiches.
  •  Don’t have chocolate & crisps in the same day. Only one of the snacks can be a treat and it’s only one treat (the other snack is fruit only) so don’t over do it! Control yourself!
  •  Learn to read labels on food. Just because it says “reduced fat” or “healthy option” doesn’t always mean that it’s low in fat. Often the fat is reduced & replaced with hidden sugar.

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  • Stay away from fizzy drinks. Limit alcohol to just 2-3 evening a week & drink in moderation. Cut back on tea & coffee, 2-3 cups per day max.

 Finally, if you have a bad day, don’t let it knock you off track for the rest of the week. Start again the next day!