Why lose weight the Zest way?

Here at club zest, our definition of a healthy diet may not be what you’d expect.

We don’t advocate “diet” type foods, nor do we encourage our members to “diet”.

We strongly believe that if you’re active most days and you arm yourself with the knowledge of which foods to eat most of the time, and which foods to eat some of the time, you can reach & maintain a healthy weight for life.

If you’re reading this thinking “well it’s not that simple!” the answer is YES, it really is!

Ask yourself how many times you have been “on” a diet. The common answer we get is “all my life” or “more than I can remember”. The problem with going “on” a diet is that at some point you have to come off it.

Usually, you fall off the diet because it’s too tough to stick to or you stop following it because you are happy with the weight you have lost. You then return to your old eating habits, and slowly but surely, you regain the weight – plus some.

And so, like millions of other women, you looked for another “better” diet to follow, then another, then another and hence, the term Yo-Yo dieters was born.