Your healthy eating plan

Your healthy eating plan example

So, the idea is to eat smaller but more regular meals to keep the body fuelled & to keep us feeling full. This will reduce the temptation to over eat. You should aim to eat something along the lines of the following (but don’t forget to read Getting Started Tips)


Bowl of porridge or reduced sugar museli with a sprinkle of nuts & seeds and a chopped apple or blueberries


Branflakes or reduced sugar muesli with natural yogurt & chopped fruit or berries


Poached or egg on a slice of brown bread toasted

Morning snack

A piece of fruit


carrot, celery & cucumber batons ( a few small batons of each) with 2 tbsp. Low fat cottage cheese or low fat homous.


2 slices of brown bread with lean meat or fish  with a spread of homous, tzatziki or low fat cottage cheese. Serve with a large side salad of mixed dark green leaves, tomato, celery, cucumber, a few olives and a chopped sundried tomato.


Grilled chicken or fish with steamed veg and a small portion of brown rice or pasta or a baked sweet potato.

Afternoon snack

This will be your chance to have something sweet,( or savoury if you’re a crisp lover)  if you really fancy it. If you can resist or simply feel like something a little healthier, take a look at snack attack ideas



Try spicy chicken with grilled veg


Thai green curry

Or grilled fish or lean meat with wholewheat pasta or rice with a light tomato based sauce and steamed veg.

Remember, these are simply suggestions and you can get more ideas from Breakfast Ideas –  Lunch Ideas –  Dinner Ideas and Snack Attack Ideas  plus there are some great recipes to be found in our Busy Girls Cookbook section.

The important thing to remember is that you need to try to stick to this format. Don’t save the afternoon snack until after your dinner – it simply doesn’t work like that. Once you have had your evening meal, try not to snack afterwards – remember that you’ve eaten a plentiful diet that day and there should be no bodily desire for more food – maybe just an emotional one which you need to address. Read more on Emotional Eating