Frequently Asked Questions

What will I wear?

Most of our members are happiest exercising in a t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms or leggings & a pair of soft soled trainers or plimsolls.

Will I fit in?

Here at Club Zest there is no such thing as a “typical” member. You will find ladies of all ages, all shapes and sizes and all abilities. Our youngest members are 16+ and our oldest members are 80+ and the best thing is, they all mix together not just in the gym but in the classes too.

Can I come in at any time and on any day?

If we are open, you can come in! We don’t restrict you to certain days or times, once you become a member you can use the club as & when you like – twice a day if it takes your fancy!

Will someone show me what to do?

Most definitely! In fact, your first 3 visits to the club will be with your instructor, and they won’t leave you until you are confident enough to use the equipment un-supervised.

What if I forget how to do something?

Just ask, there is always a member of staff available to help you out, and it’s not uncommon for people to forget how to programme something, so don’t worry about asking.

How will I know when to increase my time or level on things?

You don’t need to worry about that because every 8 weeks your instructor will re-assess your progress and show you how your fitness, weight & measurements have improved. They will then design a new programme for you to follow to ensure that you continue to challenge yourself to reach your goals.

What if I don’t like it?

There’s only a minute percentage of people who would say they love exercising, are addicted to it and can’t get enough of it, so don’ t worry if you don’ t feel this way – you’ ll be in good company! For most of us, it’s actually getting your trainers on and getting started that is the hardest part, once you’re work-out’s in full swing it actually feels quite good, and it feels even better when it’s over! The enjoyment comes when you start to see results, and when you start to feel fitter. When those jeans you had to squeeze into suddenly slip on easily and when the walk up the bank you used to dread suddenly becomes a breeze. These are the times that you realise that exercise isn’ t as bad as you thought it was!