10 ways to combat your cravings

10 ways to combat your food cravings

  1. Crave-proof your work space or home – the simplest way to curb a craving is to ban crave-worthy foods from your environment in the first place!
  2. If you have to have tempting treats in your house for other family members & for the kids, give them a designated cupboard or drawer. Give yourself a different one, fill yours with healthy snacks then avoid their snack place at all costs! Out of sight out of mind works really well and research shows that the more visible sweets are and the closer we are to them, the more we eat.
  3. Eat every 3 hours – one of the biggest culprits for cravings is falling blood sugar levels. If you keep your levels steady by eating regularly and not skipping main meals & by having a healthy snack between main meals you simply won’t crave sweet or stodgy foods.
  4. How can you tell the difference between a craving and genuine hunger? Wait 10 minutes, occupy yourself then see if your hunger has increased. If you’re genuinely hungry an apple will look tasty – if it doesn’t and all you can think about is a bar of chocolate – it’s a craving!
  5. Chocolate isn’t great when you’re watching your weight – 2 bites can pack 50 calories! But researchers have found that the dark kind may help you feel fuller. They found that people who ate dark chocolate had fewer cravings afterwards than those who ate milk chocolate. That’s my beloved dairy milk out of the window then!
  6. If you crave food when you are anxious or stressed, try to seek consolation in another way. Address your stress – what is it you really need? A good chat with a friend, a walk, a hot bath & a sleep may do the job.
  7. Be prepared! Always have healthy snacks at hand to stop you falling in to the trap of “I was hungry and it (the bar of chocolate) was the only thing in the house”!!!
  8. Get the day off to a good start – always have a healthy breakfast – it will put you in a healthy mind set for the rest of the day. So many times I see on food diaries a person starting a day with a really stodgy or high fat breakfast and you can bet that the rest of their day will end up following the same pattern.
  9. Tell yourself off! You’d tell your kids off if they were constantly back & forward, in & out of the kitchen cupboards, emerging with a different snack each time wouldn’t you? So if you allow yourself 1 treat per day (say, a bar or chocolate or a packet of crisps) and you’ve already had it but you’re craving more – tell yourself off! Learning moderation is the key to successful weight loss.
  10. Remove yourself. If you’re having a craving, distract yourself by having a bath or plucking your eyebrows, apply a face mask, give yourself a manicure – anything that will make you more conscious of how hard you’re trying to look after your health & appearance and anything that will remove you from the temptation to un-do all of your hard work.