Dealing with addiction of the Dairy Milk kind

Dealing with addiction of the Dairy Milk kind.

Have you ever wondered why the chocolate is so close to the cash registers in shops? It’s because of you. You are a captive audience, standing patiently, waiting to be served. It is there to tempt you. To make you covert it, dream of it and eventually give in and buy it.

50 Shades of Grey? He knows nothing about the  art of seducing women  compared to chocolate manufacturers – now those guys have got it going on. They know how to get it noticed, how to dress it well, how to make us want it & how to keep us coming back for more. Take note Mr. Christian Gray – no woman has ever needed to be convinced to sign a contract to keep eating chocolate.

As a chocolate lover myself, I have had many internal arguments with regards to trying to curtail my chocolate desire. I like eating healthy, wholesome foods. I like to cook my meals from scratch, using only fresh produce. I like to get all my nutrients from natural sources. I like to exercise regularly. I like how all of that makes me feel. But I love chocolate. Life, health, wellbeing…it’s all about balance, so I give in a little to my chocolate desire. My problem is that it’s too easy to be tempted to eat too much.

I have adopted many different coping strategies over the years when faced with that cash desk chocolate display stand off.

The “overt eyes” technique works for a second or two but after that I seem to lose control of my eyeballs. Ceiling – shop assistant – oh crap…dairy milk! Imagine that cycle repeated,  eyeballs rolling around in my head – not a good look. When I caught the shop assistant looking at me as if I was derainged, I decided that it wasn’t the best technique to use.

The “banana’s are best” technique worked once. Standing with the banana in my hand waiting to pay, feeling self righteous because I’d made a healthy choice. I thought that the feeling of self control would keep my eyes off the chocolate selection. But when I tried to test myself by glancing towards the dairy milk – it just looked so small, it’s little purple wrapper looked warm & inviting. It didn’t look anywhere near as big as the banana. Maybe it wasn’t such a naughty treat…it’s only a small bar of chocolate…it can’t be that bad…and so the seduction continued. I tried to fight it, I argued with it. I knew it’s game, sitting there looking all pretty & desirable. My thoughts came to an abrupt halt when I realsed it was my turn to be served and there I was, holding my banana like a gun, frowning and pointing it at an inocent bar of chocolate. I left with the banana AND the dairy milk.

The “Tom Hardy” technique was next. Think of him instead of Dairy Milk – seemed like a good plan. It didn’t work….the less said on that the better really!

My latest strategy seems to have done the trick though so all is not lost. I buy my snacks when I do my weekly shop. I keep them in the cupboard and I stick one in my bag each day. It’s the “Avoidance” technique. Avoid the temptation, avoid the Dairy Milk appeal, avoid the shop, avoid looking like a lunatic in the shop. It’s a simple plan ladies, but it works.

And that’s just it really, there’s no great science behind weight control. Eat more good stuff, eat less bad stuff and move more. Try to use moderation & balance as your guides. Have you had some chocolate today? Yes? Well don’t allow yourself any more. A treat is a treat –the word itself  isn’t often used in it’s plural form!

Remember that desire to eat is not the same as hunger. Identifying why you have the desire to eat can help you overcome it. Are you stressed, do you comfort eat, are you bored? These are all triggers of emotional eating. Ask yourself the question and be honest with the answer then set about trying to change how you feel without using food as the solution. As far as using a ton of chocolate to change your emotional state goes, the effects are a shortlived boost, usually preceeded by a far worse feeling of guilt & lack of self control which in turn, can leave you feeling worse than you did to begin with. Hardly seems worth it does it?

So, if you like the “avoidance” technique  but you’re still stuck as to which snacks are the better option, I’ve compiled a little list of some snacks new to the market which you might like to try. Click here to read: some new readymade snacks to try

It’s the war of the waist line ladies. Don’t let the Dairy milk win. The only thing you want to lose is weight, never the war.