Good shopping habits

Good shopping habits

Convenience foods

Many people who battle with their weight eat more ready meals than fresh home-made food.

 The levels of sugars & fats in these meals are a large part of this problem.

 By all means, keep a few ready meals in the freezer for emergencies, but try to limit them to times when you simply have no other choice.

 Remember, cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be time consuming, grill apiece of fish while you steam some veg and your meal can be ready in 10 minutes. Or make a pan of bean soup, packed full of protein & good carbs, freeze it in single portions, in freezer bags then simply defrost & heat in the microwave and serve with brown bread.

 Canned foods

Canned foods are cheap, convenient & easy to store and great for meals or side dishes or snacks. But you need to make sure you buy products which contain no added sugar or salt