I hated the gym, so I joined club zest

“I hated the gym, so joined Club Zest, I am the laziest least motivated person ever but Lindsey has (forced!) well persuaded me to take part in spinning and Pilates something I had never tried before.

Although due to work I can’t commit to classes every week just to try something new has been great and I have really enjoyed it, and wouldn’t hesitate to take part in the other classes on offer.


I have been a member for just over 18 months, and although I can miss a few weeks (as we all do), I feel I can walk straight back into the gym, and be greeted with a friendly face.

The staff are very welcoming and will happily leave you to get on with it, but if you require help they are more than happy to assist. 

This gym really is great for gym haters, as it doesn’t feel like an effort or hard work. There are no posers, everyone is there with one aim, to keep fit and have fun!”

Jennifer Smith