I used to struggle to stick to exercise!

I am currently a member of Miss Natalie Thompson’s spinning class which I attend twice a week. This is the only class which I attend at the gym as I find it an extremely enjoyable class as well as very sociajessicaweb2l.
The first time I attended the spinning class I was very nervous and did not really know what to expect or what to do, but Natalie was able to put me at ease and show me exactly how to set up my bike and how to complete certain moves, such as the resistance. After the first lesson I was extremely tired, however I felt great and full of energy.
The next week I found myself excited for spinning class, which is very strange for me as I have always struggled with sticking with the gym and keeping a healthy routine. Once again I loved the class. Natalie’s humour with the class and great songs really motivates everyone and makes it more of a social event rather than a drooling exercise regime.
Natalie never leaves you to become bored with the routines as she is constantly changing them to push us harder and changes the songs so that the music is current and upbeat. She enables us to complete a warm up, up tempo songs to get us moving and then finally a cool down after 45 minutes.
Because of Natalie’s fantastic professional class I now go to the gym more than ever. I go spinning twice a week (which I never thought I would be able to do) and then try to attend the gym once or twice as well as this. I have noticed a massive difference in my energy levels since starting the class. And I have started to see some physical changes in my body, such as toning up and losing inches.
Overall, because of Natalie’s class I have changed my opinion completely towards exercise, and I now see it as a big part of my life and weekly routine. Everyone who you speak to at the gym thinks very highly of Natalie and her classes and this means that we have to book in in advance to ensure our place. She is very professional and able to help if you are unsure, but she also enables the class to be social and very effective.
Jessica Pattison