It’s not just a gym!

“I joined club zest 5 years ago after recently being married and piling on the pounds. I had tried all the large well known gyms but never stuck to them! The only thing that stuck was the expensive monthly fees.

I’m not a great self motivator so the classes work best for me! They are all included in the cost and the instructors are professional and have the ability to make you put in 100% (even on your less than great days).

The instructors aren’t just employed by the gym, they have also become friends, as have a lot of the members. That’s the thing about Zest, It has a friendly and  welcoming presence that extends to everyone.

I’ve recently returned following pregnancy, and even though I am generally sleep deprived when I turn up to classes, I am so pleased to be back.jamiebell

I have missed the girls, the atmosphere and sharing the pain through laughter! If your thinking that you need a change from the run of the mill gyms, then Zest is for you.

It’s not just a gym, it’s an extension of your life, a place to feel good about yourself and meet some fantastic people.”

Jamie Bell