Off to the flicks? Well choose the right picks!

Don’t let your healthy eating plan fall foul to a cinema snack attack! Make the right choices and you can keep yourself on track.

Big No! No!: A bucket of salty popcorn

You might think salty popcorn would be better for you than sweet, but it’s high levels of salt will leave you gasping for big drink of sugary fizzy pop. On the plus side, popcorn is a good source of fibre (6g per 100g), which will fill you up nicely, and it’s also often made with cholesterol-lowering rapeseed oil.

Per 100g salty popcorn contains 42g fat, 1g sugar & 560 calories

Yes please!: A small tub of sweet popcorn

OK, sugar and salt are both healthy-eating no-nos but it is Saturday night. Choose sweet popcorn, as sugar is less harmful to your body than salt. Just stick to a small portion, as caramelised sugar will cling to your teeth. Feeling really virtuous? Ask if there’s any unsweetened or unsalted plain popcorn lurking behind the counter for a much healthier lower-fat snack.

Per 100g sweet popcorn contains 17.9g fat, 21.4g sugar & 470 calories

 Big No! No!: Pick’n’mix

Wine gums, jelly babies, fizzy cola bottles – we all love a sweetie from time to time. Trouble is, fill your bag at the cinema pick’n’mix counter and you’ll eat the lot in one sitting, giving you a giggly sugar high swiftly followed by a crashing energy low.

Per 100g pick’n’mix contains trace fats, 324 cals & 58.7g sugar

Yes please!: Chocolate nuts and raisins

Yes, chocolate gets the green light! So the nutty option contains an extra 200 calories and a lot more fat, but they’re mostly natural fats from the nuts, with the added bonus of a selenium, vitamin B1 and a magnesium boost. Plus the combination of protein and carbs will keep your blood sugar levels much steadier than sugary alternatives. Can’t resist the odd sweet? Throw a few Jelly Babies into the mix – unlike other pick’n’mixers, they’re made with natural flavourings and colours from vegetable concentrates.

Per 100g choc nuts & raisins contain 34g fat, 509 calories & 41.2g sugar

Big No! No!: Hot Dog

Processed frankfurters contain sugar, salt and saturated fats – that’s before you squeeze on mustard and ketchup – while a high-GI white bun sends you well over the 500 calorie mark.

Per 100g 26.9g fat, 525 calories & 4.7g sugar

Yes Please!: Nachos with cheese

For starters you’ll be saving yourself over 200 calories and 10g of fat per 100g . Yes, nachos still contains a fair amount of salt, but they make a far more satisfying snack, thanks to the starchy carbs, protein and fibre content.

Per 100g 16.7g fat, 298 calories & 0g sugar

Big No! No!: Ben & Jerry’s Choc Fudge Brownie ice-cream

On the plus side, a tub will top up your levels of vitamin A, D, B, as well as magnesium and zinc – not to mention being a fantastic source of calcium. But it’s no surprise, it’s also packed full of cream, sugar and condensed milk, so is high in bad fats. Definitely a ‘blow out’ choice.

Per 100g 13g fat, 260 cals & 25g sugar

Yes Please!: Ben & Jerry’s choc fudge brownie frozen yogurt

If it’s your waistline you’re worried about, this lighter version will save you almost 100 calories and 10g fat per 100g. Its star quality is that it contains protein-rich yogurt rather than fat-laden cream, but it’s still really high in sugar.

Per 100g 3g fat, 180 cals & 26g sugar