the hardest part for me was walking through the doors

I’d wanted to join a gym for ages but I didn’t have the confidence to go on my own, then a friend suggested we join together so we could support each other. The harest part for me was the first time I walked through the gym turned out I needn’t have worried. Everyone was so welcoming and there was a great atmosphere so I felt very relaxed. I haven’t looked back since.

There is a wide range of different classes to go to so there is something for everyone. The staff are always very friendly and encouraging. Holly is my instructor and she re-assesses me every 8 weeks – she is a huge support to me and a great motivator.

Joining club zest is the BEST decision I could have made. It has not only improved my health and fitness, it has helped me to feel more confident and I really enjoy it, I only wish I had joined sooner.

Laura Wilcox