Why Buy Seasonal Foods?

Our seasons are the essence of what makes living in this country great.

Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than out-of-season food that has been force grown or flown from abroad.


Seasonal food means seeds germinate in the soil at the right time, meaning plants are naturally stronger and more resistant to disease. This gives better quality fruit and vegetables.

Out-of-season food may be “force grown” in artificial conditions, requiring more fertilisers. This can lead to watery, flavourless produce.
(Compare the taste of a supermarket tomato in December with a home-grown one from August…)

Food left to ripen on the plant will contain more nutrients and have a better flavour than food that is harvested early and ripened artificially.

It’s a fact that most fruit and vegetables start to lose their flavour and nutritional value as soon as they’re picked.

Buying local, seasonal food guarantees you shorter times from field-to-kitchen. Out-of-season food may have been picked six or more weeks before you buy it.

So your efforts to eat “5-a-day” are worth much more if your 5 are locally produced seasonal fruit and vegetables, rather than artificially ripened produce that have travelled for weeks to reach you.