You’re not just a number

brenda_webAlmost 6 years ago I was getting ready to go to a Christmas party and couldn’t decide what to wear. No matter which clothes I tried on, nothing fitted properly or looked nice. I went out that night feeling miserable and couldn’t wait for the night to end. The next day I walked through the doors of Club Zest and have not looked back.

My initial assessment was two days before Christmas, a daft time you may think, but I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. At the assessment I was shown how to use the equipment correctly and given a programme to suit my needs. That is the thing with Club Zest, you ‘re an individual – not just a number. As time went on and I gained some confidence, I tried out a few classes and finally discovered the one’s which I enjoyed the most. I tend to attend classes rather than the gym as I find the instructors motivate you and push you that bit further even though you feel “on your last legs”. I seemed to have found the balance of 3-4 classes per week and a run of 3 miles suits me best.

I have participated in Club Zest’s slimming club which not only gives you 1-1 help and advice on your diet, but also advises you on the importance of healthy eating and the balance of food groups.

On a final note, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the girls at Club Zest for making it such a warm, welcoming and relaxed place.

Brenda Richardson