I’m not one that would normally go to a gym

“I joined club zest in November 2012. I’m not one that would normally go to a gym but when I went mazzto inquire and have a look round everyone was so nice and friendly, i felt totally at ease and thought “yes I can do this!”. I attended my first assessment weighing 11 stone 7 pounds and my target weight was 9 stone. Now in April, I am just 11 pounds off my target and its all thanks to Debra and her team. The classes are really great as is the plan that Natalie devised for me which gets re assessed and changed every 8 weeks – it’s worked great for me. Also I attended Debra’s slimming club which lasts for 8 weeks. This was really good –  it’s all about healthy eating and it helps you understand about food and teaches you how to eat properly for weight loss, without starving yourself or giving up the foods you love. I lost over a stone on this healthy eating plan.

I would recommend this gym to any one. Debra and her team are great and in the gym you feel totally relaxed –  I wouldn’t go any where else :)”

Mazz McTavy