“Some staff have a hint of craziness..”

What can I say about Zest gym, other than it is my second home? rebecca horner

I love going to the gym not only to have ‘sweatfest’ but because the staff are always friendly and willing to help. Some staff have a hint of craziness to them but it proves that they are REAL people. They have helped me improve my technique, motivating me and this has resulted in my determination to get fit, not skinny, but physically fit. At the gym there is never a queue to use the machines, that is if your not in the studio doing the variety of classes available. Personally I love the high intensity classes. The ‘Summer Challenge’ has began and I’m off to a good start with the ‘triple whammies’ as Debra likes to call them.

Basically I would recommend this gym to anyone, it doesn’t matter about your shape, size or ability, there’s something for everyone here.

Rebecca Horner