Hayfever Busting Zestini of the month – May

Hayfever Busting Zestini!

Gradually helps you build up immunity to prep your body for spring/summer, YEYY SUMMER!

Secret ingredients: Raw Honey + Bee pollen. (caution with bee pollen, some people may be allergic so have a small trial first.)


1 teaspoon of raw honey

¾ cup water

¾ cup mixed frozen berries

10 baby spinach leaves

1 small banana

1 lemon/lime juiced (approx 2 tablespoons)

½ teaspoon bee pollen

Stir raw honey + water together until dissolved, mix with other ingredients and sprinkle a small amount of bee pollen on top! Beeeeeeeutiful!


Bee Pollen Benefits!

It is a complete protein which means that it contains an adequate proportion of all 9 amino acids that are essential for the dietary needs for us humans.

It contains more amino acids then beef, eggs + cheese of equal weight and more rich in protein than any animal source! WOWEEE

  • Full of carbs, protein + vitamin B which are great energy sources.
  • The amino acids + vitamins protect skin + aid regeneration of cells (forget the expensive lotions and potions!)
  • High quantity of anti oxidants which has a anti inflammatory effect on lungs great for people with Asthma!
  • Contains enzymes that can help aid digestion.
  • Contains Rutin which is a anti oxidant + bioflavonoid which helps strengthen capillaries + blood vessels. It also assists with circulatory problems and cholesterol levels OoOoOoOo!

Worth a try I think Zesters!

Tip: have a spoonful with fresh fruit! (the fibres in fruit reinforce the activity)