Zingredient of the month – May: Parsley!

Zingrediant of the month!


Parsley has natural diuretic properties that can banish unwanted bloating & water retention which will make you feel and look better!

It also keeps our urinary system healthy making sure it filters all the nasty stuff from your blood efficiently!

Need a energy boost? Parsley will boost your iron levels right up! And will make you have a better day.

It is also really high in Vitamin C & Beta Carotene (the good stuff) which will support your immune system so no more nasty colds!

The Vitamin C, A + K will boost your skins radiance and make sure your blood and bones stay strong and healthy!

The key chemical compounds Eugenol + Apigenin contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help with Arthritis & Asthma…GREAT.