Joining Zest has changed my life!

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Debbie Adamson, before picture








Debbie’s Amazing after & forever picture

Debbie’s story…

“I joined Club Zest exactly 2 years ago and I never imagined how much that decision would literally change my life! I had already lost over 3 stone before I joined the gym but I still had a bit to lose, I was very unfit and had no tone at all.

Quite soon after joining the gym I actually (much to my suprise!) – began to love exercising. It was super tough at first as I was so unfit but I loved the atmosphere and my fitness kept on increasing and soon going to the gym was “me” time away from my children. The fitter I became the more I loved it!

About 6 months before my 40th birthday I decided to step things up a bit and began having some personal training sessions at the gym : Mission “Fit for 40” ! The day of my 40 th birthday was the first ever birthday I had as an adult where I was completely and utterly confident about my body! I reached my goal! I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been!

Over the years I had done lots of yo yo dieting not really making much progress, and I had (I now realise) many mis conceptions about diet, fitness and exercise.

I know this is the time of year when many people are making their fitness resolutions for the new year ahead, and I want to share with them exactly what I have learned since joining Club Zest…

If you think you can’t – You CAN.

If you think exercise is for other people, its not, its for YOU.

If you think you are too old, you are most definitely NOT.

If you think there is no point, I assure you there IS.

If you think your body will never change because you’ve had children – I’m telling you it WILL.

If you think you don’t deserve the body you want, TRY and see what happens.

If you think all those “other” people are just naturally fit, they are NOT, they just believe they CAN, they are no different to YOU.

If others tell you that you won’t, I’m telling you – You WILL.

If you think you need to spend long hours each day exercising, you are mistaken, you really DON’T.

If you think your goals are way out of reach, they are infact, MUCH NEARER than you think…

DON’T “think” – Just Do – YOU CAN!

Thanks soooo much to all the team at Club Zest, particularly Jennie Moyse and Rachel Penman! (Not forgetting Lucie Royer too where my journey began!)

Wishing you all a fantastic New Year!

Love and Best Wishes, Debbie Adamson xx”