6 Tips For Preparing A Perfect Healthy Packed Lunch

If you’re trying to eat healthy, lose weight and save money you need to be preparing your lunch box and taking it into work or out with you.

1. Think about textures

Three different types of dry food will not make for a happy lunch. Similarly, vegetables like aubergine and mushroom often have a slimy texture so put something crunchy alongside them.

2. Remember what works at what temperature

There are certain ingredients that don’t work as well cold as they would do warm; pulled meats can be tricky, but as long as they’re not too fatty can work okay. 

Eggs can be hit or miss cold as well. Too soft-boiled and it can be a little odd.

3. Embrace the power couples

Lemon and fresh herbs go with almost everything.

Try rosemary with earthy flavours like butternut, sweet potato and darker meats. Chicken and thyme are a match made in heaven and you can never go wrong with lemon and fish.

4. Add a dip

Often having a flavorful dip works nicely alongside some simple steamed vegetables so you get a contrast between the natural flavour of vegetables alone and alongside the dip.

It also adds a different texture to any simple salad. Try making your own hummus, or blending avacado for a creamier dip.

5. Take Inspiration from unlikely dishes

Creating healthy takes on classic dishes works brilliantly.

something like Mexican Nachos made with thinly sliced sweet potato instead of chips, homemade guacamole and a spicy mixed bean salad with raw red pepper strips.

Pick an old favorite and take out the fried and fatty elements.

6. Get the dressing right

Combining a chilli dressing with tuna with crème fraiche adds a mellow spice to what is normally accompanied by a simple lemon or mustard dressing.

Reducing orange zest and juice with red wine vinegar and shallots is brilliant with turkey.

You can also make a really easy pesto dressing for salmon by making or buying a simple pesto and mixing it with a splash of rapeseed oil, water, honey and lemon juice.