Food swaps to keep you feeling full

Food Swaps to keep you feeling full

Take a look at the kind of foods you might normally eat, what you should swap it for & find out how it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Read more typed below


What you’d normally eat for breakfast

Swap it for

A slice of white toast & marmalade

Porridge made with rolled oats, 1tsp. Of honey & milk


Why the Gi breakfast is better:

A meal of white bread with jam or marmalade is made up entirely of simple sugars which break down quickly & leave you starving by 10am. The oats, honey & milk in the porridge 3 food types (carbs, protein & healthy fat) They release energy slowly keeping you alert, helping concentration & stopping you from being tempted by sugary snacks by mid morning.


What you’d normally eat as a snack

Swap if for

Muesli bar

Bowl of sugar free muesli with sliced apple, milk & a sprinkle of seeds

 Why the Gi snack is better:

Even though muesli snack bars have a healthy image, most contain more sugar than a bar of chocolate! Seeds contain fats that we need but can’t make our self & apple is packed with vitamins to keep bugs at bay. Muesli is full of super vitamin-packed dried fruits, low Gi oats & wheat flakes. Skimmed milk is low in fat but is a good source of protein.


What you’d normally eat for lunch

Swap it for

Large baked potato, butter & coleslaw

Small baked potato, baked beans & cottage cheese & a large salad. (no butter)

Why the Gi lunch is better: Potatoes have the highest Gi of all veg so eat them in small amounts. Bring down the Gi of a baked potato by adding a protein (beans, lean meat or fish, low fat cheese) and fill up on salad, the low Gi meal will be balanced, full of vitamins & minerals & will leave you feeling full for longer. The high Gi meal is loaded with bad fats in the butter & coleslaw & will leave you hungry a few hours later.


What you’d normally eat

Swap it for

Spicy salami pizza slice & garlic bread

Wholemeal pitta, falafel, olives, salad, tomato salsa & homous

 Why the Gi meal is better: If you love garlic & spices, get your hit from falafel. Made from low Gi chickpeas & spicy cumin, they are filling, low fat & delicious eaten hot or cold. Pop a wholemeal pitta in the toaster, cut in half & fill with falafel & spoon in some spicy low fat salsa dip. Add a big salad & hummus or natural yogurt & you have a well balanced, nutritious low Gi low fat meal—unlike the high fat unhealthy pizza & garlic bread!


More good swaps to make!


 Oat crunchy

Swap it for



Sugar free jam

Golden syrup

Maple syrup

White sugar

Sweeteners, fruit sugar


Cottage cheese

White bread

Granary bread





One fried egg

Two boiled eggs

Rice cakes

Oat cakes

Nut cornflakes

Nut & seed muesli


Lean ham



Swap it for


Brown pitta

Tuna baguette

Tuna, pitta, egg salad


Back bacon


Hummus or tzatziki

Chicken burger



Baked beans

Tomato ketchup


Brown sauce

Worcester sauce

Chicken tikka

Chicken & salsa dip


Pitta crisps


Cottage cheese

Cream sauces

Tomato based sauces