Housework calorie burners

Housework is a great way to burn calories, but, as with everything, the more effort you put in – the greater the benefit. In particular, polishing, dusting, mopping and sweeping are great for keeping arms shapely. Bending and stretching, for example, when you make the bed, wash windows or do the laundry are good for toning thighs and improving flexibility. And constantly running up and down the stairs as you tidy is a good aerobic workout.

 Meanwhile, more energetic household chores such as decorating and spring cleaning, burn even more calories.

Don’t forget the garden either – weeding, digging, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges or bushes and sweeping up are all great muscle toners and calorie burners.

Check out our household activity calorie chart below, which compares the calories burnt by different household activities with walking…

* Values are based on a 37yr old female, 5ft 5, weighing 12 stone.Those who weigh more than this will burn more calories; those who weigh less will burn fewer calories.


Activity Calories burnt in 1 hour*
Walking at a moderate pace 287
Hoovering 193.7
Dusting 173.6
Painting, Inside Projects 66
Gardening, Weeding 287.8
Mopping Floors 193.7
Car Washing 234
Cleaning Windows 180.3
Ironing 113.1
Wallpapering 133.2
Chopping Wood 415.5
Walking up & down stairs, moderate 516.3