How to Stay Motivated To Exercise This Winter

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I got chills, they’re multiplying! It’s getting cold and I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see visions of couches, dumpling stew, hot chocolate and well, just chocolate in general!

Time to nip this cold weather slump in the bud before we settle down for a five month hibernation. 

As we all know, it’s too easy to fall into bad habits, especially in the winter so let’s look at some ways to try to keep our motivation levels up and our waistlines down!

  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today. Summer is a great motivator to slim down but 6 months from now you’ll wish you’d started today! So dig out a summer bikini photo, stick it on the fridge, in your handbag or your desk at work and start working towards your goals now, not next year, 6 weeks before your next holiday! Think about it, small changes month by month are much easier to make than expecting a huge transformation in a short space of time then being disapointed with the lack of results!
  • Treat yourself to some new gym shoes or clothes. It may be a short lived burst of motivation but at least it will get you to the gym to try them out!
  • Change the music on your i-pod – download some up-tempo tunes and set yourself challenges to each new track such as not getting off the treadmill until the you’ve listened to 3 new tracks.
  • We’ve just updated the gym i-pod to give you a little extra boost when you’re in the gym so you can try the same challenges, 3 tracks on the treadmill, 3 tracks on the cardio-wave, 2 tracks on the rower & 2 on the bike and before you know it the sweat is dripping!
  • If you have a smart phone, download the gym boss app or an interval training app which will help to push you. Check out the Ab’s interval training posters in the gym and give it a try.
  • Book a re-assessment! You know we’re always here for you, so if you’re re-assesment is overdue get it booked in ASAP. Let us create a new programme for you that will keep you motivated & looking forward to your workouts.
  • Set the alarm or calendar alerts on your phone on a Monday, setting alarms for every day & time that you are planning to go to the gym. Set the alarm to remind you 3 hours before then 1 hour then 30 minutes before. This will keep the idea of your impending workout fresh in your head throughout the day and make you more likely to turn up!
  • Try a new studio class – there’s nothing like the banter from group exercise to keep you motivated! Not only will you work harder with an instructor pushing you but you’re likely to have more fun too. Gym workout’s can get a little repetitive & sometimes lonely if you’re in at quiet times or if there’s no one around that you know to chat to. If you’re unsure of which class will suit you, simply ask a member of staff for advice.
  • Finally, try to remember how hard it is to get back in to exercise (not to mention the pain!) once you’ve missed a few weeks – don’t give up and you won’t find yourself starting over again!