Smoked Cod Or Haddock with Spicy Rice

Use cook from frozen smoked haddock or smoked cod portions.

Lightly grease some foil, place fish portion in the foil & make a parcel shape & bake as per packaging instructions.

Meanwhile, cook some brown rice,

Finely chop an onion & gently fry, adding garlic & chilli to your taste (for me that’s 2 garlic cloves & 1 whole chilli including seeds per portion but it depends on how spicy you like things—I live on chilli & garlic!)

If you have a pepper, chop & add that, or broccoli or asparagus if you have any that needs to be used.

Add the onion etc. to the rice when cooked, flake the cooked smoked fish over & stir in. Serve with a fresh spinach & mixed leaf salad.