Start making the changes today

If you want to lose weight & keep it off, you need to start making changes today. It’s all about balance, moderation & being honest with yourself. By being honest, we mean:

Don’t kid yourself that there wasn’t a healthier option in the cafe so you HAD to have the jam donut!

Don’t kid yourself that 30 minutes dancing at a party whilst downing vodka shots constitutes a good workout no matter how sore your feet may be the next day!


It’s a proven fact that there is a 75% chance that when you think you are hungry – you are actually just thirsty.

Water helps to keep everything flushed and is vital for digestion, health and weight loss.

The less water you drink, the more water your body will store (back to the famine situation)

The more water you store the more bloated you will feel and the harder it will be for you to lose weight.

3 pints per day minimum. If you are not used to drinking water you will experience feeling bloated for a few days. This is your body trying to hang on to all the water in Case it doesn’t get any more. Once you have given your body the message that the water is going to come in regularly now, it will finally let the excess go— the big flush!

Stay Positive

You WILL make mistakes, you WILL have bad days.

You need to learn how to get right back on track, start again and not feel bad about yourself.

Weighing Yourself

Once a week is enough to be able to monitor your progress. Don’t be a slave to ritual daily weighing. You weight will fluctuate everyday and probably every hour of every day so why torture yourself.

No excuses

“I don’t like this food” “I can’t fit the snacks in” “someone made it for me so I had to eat it” all of these excuses just amount to the same thing, “I don’t really want to do this”

If you are not committed to making the changes then it just won’t work. You won’t be a failure, you’re just not ready and being able to admit that to yourself will make you feel much better than the guilt you will feel by making excuses.


Try to keep a food diary and be honest with yourself. Make sure you write everything down, even the little bits like a chunk of cheese while you’re grating the rest. Be honest with your portion sizes, you know what’s too much! Be honest with your reasons for eating – are you really hungry?


No foods are banned but the key is learning moderation. It’s ok to have some chocolate or crisps once within the day to satisfy a craving or as a treat and to stop you feeling deprived, but if you want to lose weight, you have to stop yourself from having more snacks like this later in the day.

The right foods to give you the right body

Read about foods which have a low Gi. These foods will help to keep feeling fuller for longer. Read Start your healthy eating plan today to find out more about which foods to eat.


Make sure that you are exercising at least 3 times a week and that you are physically active every day. Whether that’s going for a brisk walk or taking the stairs at work. Stay active.

Plan ahead

Make your shopping list and stick to it. Take meals or snacks to work with you if you can’t get the right kind of foods there. Always have healthy snack choices in the house, and pop some fruit in your bag when you’re out and about in case you need to eat on the run.

Plan meals ahead, so that you know each day what you will be having for lunch and dinner, that way it’s easier to keep your meals balanced and stay in control.

Find the balance

As much as you need to plan your foods and be aware of the foods you are eating, you don’t want to become overly consumed by it. It’s about freedom, it’s about making changes for life that will eventually free you from diets, calorie counting, weighing foods etc. Becoming too wrapped up in every morsel going in to your mouth and pre-planning meticulously the foods you will eat will only leave you thinking about food 24/7—not a great idea when you’re trying to lose weight!

Follow the 80/20 rule

Try to make good, healthy, choices 80% of the time and that will allow you to loosen the reigns a little 20% of the time, so you can enjoy a nice meal out. Use the 80/20 rule to treat yourself 2 or 3 times a week.

Plate It Up Properly

The best way to make sure your meals are balanced is to divide your foods up properly.

Always have a large portion of salad or vegetables. Vegetables don’t have to just be boiled or steamed, there are hundreds of healthy, low fat ideas for vegetable side dishes that can make your taste buds come alive! Get tips from our recipe pages

T here is much debate about how your food should be divided on your plate, some camps say more complex carbs such as brown rice or pasta, some say less of these and more complex carbs like salad or veg plus more protein. The main thing is to have a bit of it all on your plate and more importantly – make sure the plates not loaded up like a meal for desperate Dan! An easy way to imagine your plate is, split down the middle – on the right side there should be non starchy vegetables or salad (such as broccoli, peas, courgette, sprouts, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms etc) Then, on the left hand side of the plate you should have a small portion of a good, low fat lean protein such as chicken or fish, eggs, pulses or soya and a small portion of a complex carb such as brown rice or pasta, sweet potato, corn on the cob or a slice of heavy grain bread. This will balance out your meal perfectly, giving you plenty of goodness & most importantly, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer.