Bone Health – 3 ways to keep your bones healthy

Bone Health – 3 ways to keep your bones healthy

Stay active, stay healthy, stay strong—and your bones will thank you!

Strong bones are what make our bodies healthy, athletic, and prepared for the long haul.

Taking care of your bones is important now.

By age 18, nearly 90 percent of your adult bone structure is solidified. By age 30, the chance of making any further enhancements to your bone density is slim.

Fortunately, your nutrition and exercise habits can have a profound impact on helping to maintain the bone strength you have and maximizing every opportunity for adding strength. The key is to incorporate the right nutrition and exercise into your daily routine to solidify the foundation of your frame.


This is an important mineral that carries out many important functions within our bodies.

Calcium-rich foods include all dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt), as well as cruciferous green veggies (broccoli, bok choy, pak choi), soy products (tofu, seitan, edamame), almonds, sardines and kidney beans. If you don’t eat enough of these foods daily, consider supplementing with calcium to help meet your daily goal (always check with your GP first).

Vitamin D: Calcium’s Helping Hands

Vitamin D helps promote bone strength by facilitating increased calcium absorption. Unfortunately, few foods contain enough vitamin D to give you all you need.

If only getting out in the sun were enough to make this happen! Lifestyle, geographical location, skin pigmentation, and sunscreen use all impair the absorption of necessary UVB rays to drive this formation. As a result, most of us are vitamin D-deficient. So again a good supplement is key (Consult your GP for more advice).

Resistance Training: The Finishing Touch

Training with weights can further enhance your bone strength and preservation. That’s because resistance training provides a direct stressor to your bones. To adapt to such a stress, your body increases the production of cells responsible for laying down new bone material. As a result, bone density can be maintained or even enhanced.

Try incorporating weight-bearing exercises at least 2-3 times a week.

You can also do moves at home too such as press-ups, bodyweight squats, skipping, walking, and jogging are also great for maintaining bone-mineral density.


Stay active, stay healthy, stay strong—and your bones will thank you!