5 Tips to a better workout

  1. Don’t Kill Your Workout Before It Starts

Trying to complete a workout on half a night’s sleep is never the best idea.

In fact, just about everything you do in the 24 hours before your training session can in some way either positively or adversely affect your training outcome.

A good night’s sleep is an obvious factor, because that’s when hormones linked to muscle anabolism are released and countless other crucial restorative activities occur in your body. If your personal circumstances make a good night’s sleep difficult, it’s time to address them, whether it’s buying a new mattress, putting up light-blocking window shades, turning off the TV and Mobile phone well before going to bed.

  1. Fueling up before the gym- that works for you

The meal leading up to a workout is critical to your success in the gym, because it’s the one that will most directly stock your fuel and growth needs. Just keep it simple: An hour or two before you hit the weights eat a pre-workout meal consisting of 20-25 percent of your daily carbohydrate intake and about 20-30 grams of protein. Good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, rice, and oats, as well as lean protein sources like chicken breast, ground turkey, or white fish all make for great options for your pre-workout meal.

If eating a meal before the gym doesn’t fit into your routine, having one of our zest protein shakes up to 30 minutes before your session will give you the adequate amount of energy to set you up for your session.

  1. Use External Motivation, Not Just Internal

If you’ve been stuck in a rut with training for a while, perhaps you need some extra help?

Set yourself some goals and if you’re unsure how to reach them, ask one of our trainers how you can.

Reassessments are great ways to keep you motivated, make sure your technique is correct and to focus on what you want to do not the lady standing next to you.

These reassessments are unlimited so ask someone at reception for more information.

  1. Warm up correctly

Pick a warm up that is going to suit your workout, this may differ each day depending on whether you have chosen to focus on one body part or to go for a full body H.I.I.T session

There are countless ways to organize your warm-up;

just don’t skip it, Here’s a tried-and-true approach:

  • Step 1:5-10 minutes of general cardio of your choice
  • Step 2:Dynamic stretching such as non weighted exercises are great to warm up with before you start your session.
  • Static stretches are to be performed after your workout.
  • Step 3:As many warm-up sets as you need, ascending in weight but never anywhere close to muscle failure (thus being if you are doing a heavier weights session).

Your reward will be the ability to push more weight or do additional reps, plus a reduced risk of injury. Not to mention, there’s evidence that including a warm-up can help minimize post-exercise muscle soreness. If you’re hoping to have an equally great workout in a day or two, that can make all the difference.

  1. Feeling the muscle

Let that be your goal: to connect the movement to feeling the muscle, sensing the stretch and contraction, and working through temporary pain instead of focusing on an the rep count.

It isn’t always about who lifts the heaviest or who can complete the most repetitions in a certain amount of time. Technique is the key to working your muscle properly.

Bare these in mind and you will reach your personal goals in no time!