How to get the most out of your workouts…


Strength training is one of the best ways to change your body and feel stronger — but is there a way to burn even more calories and get the most out of your workout? Here are a few tips on  how to get the most out of your weight and resistance training.

Here’s the deal: first, coffee. Then, lift heavy, focus on legs, and grab that protein shake after.


Drink a little coffee or tea before you hit the gym. “Both coffee and green tea contain bio active compounds (coffee has caffeine and green tea has polyphenolic catechins like epigallocatechin gallate), which have been shown to increase metabolic rate and fat oxidation, this leads to an overall increase in energy expenditure, meaning more calories are burned at rest and after exercise.”

Challenge Yourself

Lift heavier and try new moves. Your body can get used to exercise over time, which is why you sometimes feel like you have hit an exercise plateau, Try and keep your body guessing through a variety of different exercises, and don’t be afraid to lift more weight providing an added challenge to your muscles. Try starting your reps with a heavier set of weights than you’re used to; you can always switch to your drop set and work your way back up!

Don’t Skip Legs

While it’s important to balance your body and train all muscle groups, the largest muscle groups burn the most calories. Leg muscles have more muscle fibres and longer muscle fibres, which means they use more calories. Targeting these groups with squats, lunges and dead lifts use more energy stores to fuel the movements, therefore burning more than if you targeted smaller muscle groups.