5 of the Best – Tips to Get Fit Fast

Are you experiencing a lull in your training, hitting a wall, not getting the results you want?  Tweaking your workouts and introducing new techniques can make a huge difference when it’s needed most.

Fitness advice is plenty and sometimes conflicting, but there are core pointers you should follow to see dramatic improvements.

  1. Your Mental Game

People underestimate the importance of having the right mind-set for training.  It’s easy to get bored, disheartened, or give up altogether when your workouts become standard and aimless.  Make sure you vary routines, and not just variations on a theme.  Do your research; find new exercises.  Write down programmes that you can vary throughout the week.  If you are truly in a rut, try other forms of exercise altogether such as yoga.  Adapting to new forms of exercise is a great way to stretch yourself mentally and physically.

Remember that you need baby steps to start a marathon.  Pushing yourself is a personal goal.  Don’t set your standards against others and be consistent with your training.  There really is a case for ‘less is more’ – you need to be striving for a workout that stretches you, but is good quality.  Working to a set amount of reps, or lifting specific weight will not get results if your form is bad or you are frustrated with underachievement.  Set yourself goals and concentrate on good basic skills that you can build gradually.

Some days fatigue wins!  It happens.  Kaffine Kick (!online-store/c10lh/!/PEAKBODY-RANGE/c/19173731/offset=0&sort=normal), for anyone needing an effective pick-me-up before working out, can see you through the workouts that you ‘don’t want to do’.  And know your limits.  If you can’t train through illness, tiredness, stress – give yourself a break and get back on track the next day.

The brain is important to your performance and many studies have shown the significance of techniques such as visualisation.  It has been proved that mentally rehearsing or visualising success can improve performance dramatically.  A study carried out by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, found that participants, who merely visualised doing biceps curls, five times a week, for two weeks, increased their strength by 13.5%.  This kind of methodical ‘brain training’ can help make your workouts more effective by rehearsing your muscles mentally before a workout.  Click here ( for more information.

  1. Essential Carbs

Carbs have been demonised over recent years, and the power of protein is undeniable.  However, carbs are necessary for training – after all they are fuel for the body.  If you don’t eat enough, your body will eventually eat into its fat and protein reserves for energy.  We get carbohydrates from sugars, fibre, and starch food groups.  Rather than cutting out carbs, you should be limiting portion sizes, eating them earlier in the day (never late at night) and staying away from sugary junk food.

Good nutrition is essential if you are training seriously.  And of course this means having a good intake of protein.  The human body is made up of 50,000 different proteins and they are necessary for muscle repair, hence bulk, and digestion, hair and nail growth, and hormone regulation.

  1. Supplement

Everyone suffers from gaps in their nutrition.  Good diet alone is not sufficient to prop up an athlete, which should be why you take supplements.  Supplements as their name states are necessary to ‘supplement’ good nutritional habits.


As stated earlier, protein is necessary for muscle repair and bulk.  The most popular, of course, is whey protein.  Peak Body Shake n Take Whey(!online-store/c10lh/!/Shake-n-Take-Whey-32/p/62602934/category=19173731) is a convenient solution that you can use on the go, for anyone, regardless of fitness level, in a busy world.


BCAAs (!online-store/c10lh/!/Peakbody-Aminos/p/62655414/category=19173731) (branch chain amino acids) are necessary to build these new proteins within the body.


Other essential supplements you should be taking are creatine (!online-store/c10lh/!/Creatine-Monohydrate-500g/p/62655271/category=18191849), fish oils and a multivitamin.

  1. Water

Water is critical for efficient body function.  The brain alone is 75% water.   Dehydration will have a serious effect on your workout and can lead to headaches, muscle fatigue, cramps, and risk of injury.  Limiting water also creates lethargy that can have a damaging impact on your output, meaning less effective workouts.

Aside from water though, energy drinks are also a must, providing the extra glucose and electrolytes your body needs to replenish the water and salt sweated out during a workout.  Helping to stave off fatigue, energy drinks can make you more productive, sharper, and aid recovery. (!online-store/c10lh/!/Peakbody-Hyper-Fuel-Ready/p/62655240).

  1. Your workout

Variety is the spice of life!  It can be tedious finding new methods and work out programmes, but it is essential to keep you motivated when trying to hit goals.  Doing the same exercises over and again isn’t challenging enough as muscles become well practiced.  Eventually your progress will plateau.  Search the net, read magazines, be creative with your workouts to get the most from your body.

Rather than training to a set amount of reps, you should train instead to muscle fatigue – the point at which you can no longer do the exercise.  This may be less than 10 reps!  Make sure you know what you’re doing, that you sustain proper form during the exercises by consulting experts and checking posture frequently to ensure you are exercising each move correctly.

Be consistent and patient.  Making sure that every workout counts by following the steps above will help you achieve desired results.