Sweet Treat: Banana & Almond Butter Ice Cream

DIY Raw Banana + Almond Butter Ice Cream! banana & almond butter ice cream
– 4-5 Frozen bananas
– Raw almonds (whole)

You need enough almonds to fill your food processor up a 3rd of the way.

Place almonds on a baking tray and roast at 300 for around 10-15 minutes.In a food processor, blend almonds into creamy, smooth texture – this could take around 20-30 mins. so be patient. It takes a while for the natural oils to be released – it will go through a crumbly stage first. Make sure you scrape around the edge of the food processor every now & then so that everything blends well. (this is how you make any DIY nut butter). Next, remove your nut butter (but leave some in the machine) and then add in your frozen banana. Pulse! Blend the banana until creamy and smooth. Last, add in a little extra nut butter (if it needs it) as well as any other fun ingredients (eg strawberries or dark chocolate) – and blend. Very simple basic recipe that can be modified per your personal dietary preferences. The left over almond butter can kept in a jar in fridge and used in the same way as peanut butter.